Valentine's Day in the Classroom or Library

One of my favorite ways to celebrate Valentine's Day with my students has been to share the love of books.

Have every visitor to your classroom or the library media center take a paper heart. Have them write their names and the titles of a book that they have loved to read on the heart. Then let them add their hearts to a display. Start this at the beginning of February and by the time Valentine's Day rolls around, you will really be feeling the love!

1. Gather paper. You will want soft colors that will show pencil marks, if you choose to have young ones write in pencil. I use pink, white, and lavender.

2. Use your die cut machine to cut out enough hearts for everyone in your school. If you don't have a die cut machine, use a photocopier to print this document. Then have volunteers help you cut them by hand with scissors.

3. Choose a place to display all of your hearts. Windows worked best for me. You could also use walls, bulletin boards, or even the front side of your desk. The entrance door is a good place, too.

4. Hand out hearts to every student, parent, and staff member you see. Have each one write his or her name, and the title of a well-loved book on the front of the heart.

5. Hand out tape and let each person hang up his or her own heart. (Fair Warning: Taking down all the tape is a tedious task, so be prepared to ask for help after Valentine’s Day!)

Let me know if you try this, and comment below about how it made you feel to be surrounded by book love!

Best wishes,